Restaurant Concept

Akashi's fresh midday catch.

We only purchase fish that is freshly caught right before noon. We use high quality vegetables that are harvested by Kobe's contract farmers and locally produced.
By selectively using fresh and safe ingredients, we limit the amount of seasoning so that our guests can experience the authentic flavor of each ingredient.

Safety that confirmed the feelings of producers and time and effort

We physically visit the production areas of the ingredients we use to check the production process and quality.
Our owner and chefs only add new ingredients to the menu after assessing the ingredients with their own taste buds.

Hospitality learned in the natural space.

All staff members at THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN have learnt the value of food and blessings of nature through firsthand experience in agriculture and fishery.
For example, our staff members have participated in distant-water fishing as well as planting and harvesting vegetables at Kobe's 200 square meter farm.
We strongly believe in having a thorough understanding of the background and value of what we are serving our guests.

About the producers.

At THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN, our chefs visit the production areas and meet the producers as we only use ingredients that we trust.
Pleae enjoy each ingredient in the dish filled with stories about the producers and their commitment.

Kauchi duck

Kawachi duck that even impresses the people of Kansai.

Mr. Yoshihiko Tsumura  Tsumura Main Store

Better than fish, duck sashimi.

Since the Meiji period, we have been using duck as a prime ingredient. Antiobiotics and muscle enhancers are not used, and the ducks are fed organic foods. The ducks are raised free range so they gain muscle through running. The ducks also bathe so they do not contract diseases. Have you tried duck sashimi? Those who tried duck sashimi for the first time have said it is "better than fish." This is because duck sashimi is sweeter than fish and has less of a distinct taste.

Only in the Osaka area, no wholesale.

Now that the work process is differentiated, we do everything from raising the chicks to slicing the duck meat. We understand how to raise a duck to achieve a certain kind of meat. We only provide our duck meat for the Osaka area. We want to impress the people of Kansai. We have no plans to provide our duck meat to Tokyo. People say that our duck meat would be regonized as No. 1, but we believe that it would be truly No. 1 if people from Tokyo come all the way to eat our duck meat.

Kobe beef.

Kobe beef is slowly produced.

Shirotani Farm  Shirotani Family

Two years of diligently raising our cows.

Kobe beef is the name of the meat and Tajima cow is the type of breed. It is a breed that exists in Hyogo Prefecture from a long time ago. At Shirotani Farm, we buy calves that are 8 to 9 months old from the market and spend two years raising the cow before shipping them. We especially put a lot of consideration into the daily health and diet of our cows. It is not good to overfeed the cows right after buying them from the market. First, the cows need to be provided with medicine and dry food only to build a strong healthy body. Then, according to their development we adjust the amount of food and combination in four stages. On top of that, we carefully look after the health of each cow by checking their eating habits and how their ears droop.

High quality meat produced by the climate of Hyogo Prefecture.

Since Tajima cows are calm by nature, we believe that it is optimal to raise them in a calm environment. They dislike hot temperatures so in the summer, we turn on fans inside the barn and lay out a mixture of coal and white cement on the roofs to prevent a raise in temperature. The consistent control in temperature throughout the year could be the primary reason why Kobe beef has such a high-quality texture.




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