A place where people gather from all over the world.

“A place that coexists with its community and natural environment.”
Where there are traditions/customs unique to that land; where there are thoughts of individuals
Where the faces of the kitchen, restaurant, wedding, and office members come to mind and you would want to make a trip to see them.
We would like to continue establishing a personal touch with our customers and make the world a more fruitful place.


A moment, as it is.

Showa 9 (1934), Kobe Mikage. A separate residence of a former zaibatsu was built in this place. It is a gorgeous and pure Japanese style building consisting of three layers unusual at the time. In 1945, the entrepreneur who became the owner of the mansion opened a restaurant. A stream flows through the vast site of 5289 square meters, and the owner named the place "THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN" based on the beautiful garden of Suzhou in China, the land of "Human Temple (heaven on land)" which he admired greatly.

Suzhou is a place of copious nature where cultural people gathered and produced a very elegant culture. Likewise, "THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN" has a nature and taste that is elegant but could also sway people's emotions.

It is not time to organize and decorate more than necessary, but a time of meal to enjoy the scenery of life reflected in the window, the inherited expression of the building, and the authentic flavor of the ingredients. A time to realize what you cherish in your life. The hospitality of THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN deepens the richness of people's hearts and allows people to feel at peace.

A wooden taste born over a period of 80 years.

THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN -- an 80-year old mansion with an East Asian Oriental taste -- cannot be rebuilt the same way. The doors/entrance was built using the Kumiko style in which not a single nail is used. As the home of many guests in Kobe, the warmth and tranquillity that this place brings remains unchanged today.

A garden with over 500 kinds of trees and flowers.

At the back of the lush green lawn is a forest full of trees and flowers. The trees in this garden are a form of powerful life as they have been bred to the climate of Kobe Mikage and never replanted. Expressions of the trees when they are lit up at night or covered in snow. Cherry blossoms, azaleas, and autumn leaves -- the various characteristics of the four seasons accentuate the flavor of the dishes.

Hospitality by individuals.

At THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN, we value hospitality carried through by individual workers. For example, the entrance door has a handle only on the inside to welcome guests the same way people did back then. There are no elevators and though it may be inconvenient to go up and down the stairs, we value old-fashioned style over convenience.

Act on realization.

Although we do have agreements, we do not make manuals. We believe that hospitality for each guest is never the same each time. As we would like our guests to feel at home, we will not perform hospitality by the books.

Staff members who deeply understand the value of food.

All staff members at THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN have learnt the value of food and blessings of nature through firsthand agricultural and fishery experiences. Hence, every staff member knows the background and value of what they are serving to our guests.

Selective producers and producing areas.

We consistently make sure that we only procure high quality ingredients, and that our guests rely on us for meals on special occasions.




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