If you have any questions about THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN, please contact us by phone or the inquiry form below.
Please feel free to contact us.

Q Up to how many people can you accommodate in one reservation?

AReservations up to 14 people are possible.

Q Do you have a dress code?

AA As the restaurant holds weddings, we strictly prohibit clothes that symbolize mourning. Also, we do not accept beach sandals, work gear, and excessive exposure.

Q Is the resturant closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays?

AAlthough it depends on whether a wedding is held, we are usually open for dinner only.
Please contact us for business days.

Q I would like to have a seat on the window side.

AA We are unable to meet all requests for seating.
We will do our best, but we may not be able to guarantee that your request is met. Please acknowledge that in advance.

Q Do I need to decide on a menu in advance?

AIf you are coming as a group of more than 8 people, we ask that you decide on a menu in advance.
We would like to ask which ingredients in the course meal you are allergic to or prefer not to eat.

Q Could you prepare something for a celebration?

ABy making an order in advance, we can prepare cake with an additional fee.
It is also possible to add a message in chocolate to the dessert plate for free.

Q I am going by car, but is there space for parking?

AWe do have parking space for 15 cars.
In the situation that the parking space is full, we ask that you find a parking space near by.

Q I would like to sit at the bar with a minor after having dinner.

AWe do not accept any minors at the bar after 6 pm.

Q Do you have a menu for children?

AYes we do.
Course meal with pasta and bread will be 1,500yen. Course meal with pasta, bread, and dessert will be 1,800yen.
It is possible to select the course on the day.

Q Can I bring baby food into the restaurant?

AYes you may bring baby food.
We prohibit the act of bringing outside food into the restaurant and taking out food from the restaurant. Baby food is the only exception.

Q Can I go to the restaurant with an infant?

AThe restaurant at THE GARDEN PLACE SOSHUEN does not have an age restriction, so you may come to the restaurant with an infant.
Please do not hesitate to contact us about bringing a stroller or having a baby chair provided.




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